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How can I enrol my child on the Tennis Sumer Camp in Alicante?

Online Registration

Please check that you have completed all the items with * -Otherwise, it is impossible to submit the form. After submitting the form, the website becomes blank and a message will appear at the top of the screen beginning with: "We have already received your registration..." indicating that the information has been saved in our database.

Registration Process

Within two working days you will receive an email with the camp price including all the services requested and instructions on how to make the payment. Before 1st April you can either pay a deposit or the payment in full. Once the enrolment form and a copy of the receipt have been received, we will send a confirmation email.

Documents for the camp

Together with the confirmation you will receive a Health Statement & Medical Waiver and Parental Permission Form. The Camp Rules and a link to complete a special form for campers regarding arrival and departure times will also be provided. 1 week before the camp begins, a camp handbook and the insurance policy will be provided.

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